Things to do in Viñales

This tiny agricultural village on the western end of Cuba gives visitors an unabashed look at the day to day life of real Cuban farmers. The best things to do in Viñales are simply walk or cycle through the beautiful countryside and sip coffee or rum with talkative locals

Parque Nacionale Viñales

Just outside of town, this sixty square mile park is home to 25,000 people who make their livelihood from agriculture. Here you can visit avocado farms, pick fresh bananas or purchase them from roadside stands, visit coffee plantations, swim in natural pools, and explore glittering caves. 

Valle del Silencio

Many visitors skip the Valley of Silence, but this is a mistake. Coming here on your own or with a tour is one of the most peaceful things to do in Viñales (and all of Cuba!), it's not to be missed. It's a gorgeous, quiet valley ideal for agriculture yet with imposing rock formations rising up from the fields. 

Botanical Garden

This small town botanical garden doesn't look like much until you get into the thick of the flowers and fruits grown here but it is one of the must-see things to do in Viñales. Let yourself in through the vine-covered gate and stop in the on-site cottage to find someone who will give you a tour. 

Patio del Decimista

This open-air bar is packed with locals everyday, so get there early. Daily live music and excellent cocktails make this one of the best things to do in Viñales. 

La Casa del Veguero

Stop at this plantation to learn about the tobacco growing process in Cuba and score some of the unbranded cigars most locals smoke. Cigars are cheap here so it's one of the best things for cigar aficionados to do in Viñales. 

Finca Raúl Reyes

This is another excellent tobacco plantation that offers tours just outside of Viñales but there are many other things to do here as well. After enjoying a cigar with a side of rum or coffee and fruit, go for a hike. The best hike is up to Cueva de la Vaca for unbeatable views from the mouth of the cave. 

Updated March 16, 2018